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Our bread story begins early in the morning long before sunrise, when the dough softly awakens from its night sleep for a last touch before entering the oven, surrenders to its heat, releases an intoxicating aroma that announces its emerging into the world – Brown, hot and crisp. Appetizing, comforting and abundant. Just as it should be, the same way it has been done for centuries before.

Baking is our passion and we are dedicated to produce artisanal, handmade bread using traditional baking techniques and the finest ingredients.

We create sweet and savory delights, from rustic breads, homemade cakes and pastries to elegant desserts, using local dairy, Belgian Chocolate or seasonal fruits, sold at our shop and changed on a daily basis or made by order.

One of a kind cakes and pastries can be ordered in advance for special occasions. Out team would be delighted to help you plan your perfect event.

Our shop is open every day from 7.00-19.00 hrs.


Our Products



Brioche Loaf / Brioche – White flour, butter, eggs                                   

Wheat bread – White flour, Semola flour, butter                                    

Whole wheat bread – Sourdough, 70% whole wheat flour, 30% white flour, sun flower seeds (vegan)                                   

Rye bread – Sourdough, 70% rye flour, 10% whole wheat flour, honey                                        

Fruit &Nuts bread – Sourdough, 70% rye flour, 20% whole wheat flour, apricots, plums, cranberries, raisins, walnuts (vegan)                                       

Russian bread – Sourdough, 100% rye flour, coriander seeds (vegan)                                        

Wild grain bread – Sourdough, 60% rye flour, 20% whole wheat flour, sun flower seeds, poppy seeds and oatmeal (vegan) 

Dinkel & cranberries bread – Sourdough, 100% wild & whole spelt flour (vegan)             

Hala bread – Sourdough, white flour, eggs                                        

Martzipan Hala – Marzipan, sourdough, white flour, eggs


White roll – White flour, Semola flour, butter                                                                      

Curry roll – Curry, sourdough, 20% rye flour, dried tomatoes, sun flower seeds, oatmeal (vegan) 

Chocolate roll – Dark & milk chocolate, sourdough, 30% rye flour (vegan)           

Hala roll – Sourdough, white flour, eggs                                                                              

Whole wheat roll – Sourdough, 70% whole wheat flour, 30% white flour, sun flower seeds (vegan)                                                                                                                               


Tarts Lemon/ Almond/ Chocolate/ Crème Patisserie/ Fruits

Danish Poppy/ Apple/ Cheese/ Nuts and Cinnamon/ Meringue/ Chocolate/ Almond

Croissant Butter, Almond, Chocolate

Cupcake Lemon/ Chocolate/ Vanilla

Cookies Biscotti/ Butter/ Lemon and Pistachio/ Parmesan

Muffins Chocolate/ Vanilla/ blueberry


Bebka Chocolate/ Nuts and Cinnamon

Pressburger Poppy/ Apple/ Cheese

Carrot cake with cream cheese topping

Cheese cake

Chocolate cake

Fruit cake

Lemon cake